Spreading Gingivitis through Kissing

December 11, 2011

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Here's a statement released by Listerine regarding the connection between kissing and the spread of gingivitis:

Studies show there may be a one-in-three chance of transmitting gingivitis-causing bacteria--one source of gum disease -- through saliva. Considering three out of four Canadians have gingivitis, the earliest and most easily treatable form of gum disease, odds are that you or your partner do too. Yet, if you're like nearly 80 per cent of us, you've been unaware up until now. 

So, how do you prevent passing gingivitis, gum disease, to your partner, children and other family members?

  1.  Brush thoroughly but gently 2 times a day
  2.  Floss thoroughly but gently 1 time a day
  3.  Rinse with either Listerine or Crest Pro Health 2 times a day

Not sure you are brushing or flossing right?

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